Kyaikhto is a town in Mon State. Kyaikhto is a small town and popular for its wish fulfil Golden Rock Pagoda. About 160 km from Yangon. This mystical Pagoda is about 18ft tall and is built on a huge boulder about 50ft in girth. This boulder is balancing precariously on the edge of 18ft high rock and separated from the mountain edge by a deep chasm over 1100M above sea level. It is indeed an overwhelming sight, how the boulder keeps its balance is beyond comprehension, but it was been there for 2500 years.

kyaikhto kyaikhto02
There is a steep road winding up from Kinpun base camp to Golden Rock about 13 miles by truck. There are only few Hotels with modern facilities for the visitors.

Interesting Places

Kyaikpawlaw Hmeshindaw (Live-Mole) Image

It is situated in Gangaw Ward, Kyaikhto, Mon State. About 221 years after the Parinibbana of the Buddha, Sri Lankan King Dewanampiya Teiktha in consultation with Ashin Maheinda floated four statues each enshrining a hair relic with four barges made of teak, jackfruit, thingan and rock cartwheel. More >>

Maha Muni Thun Paya

A replica of Maha Myat Muni Image in Mandalay is situated opposite Kyaikpawlaw Hmeshindaw Image in Gangaw Ward, Kyaikhto, Mon State. More >>





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