Gems Museum

Images of sandstone and cast bronze. original clay votive tablets and many evidence of Bagan Period culture. and also the items of Pinya. Innwa. Taungoo and Nyaung Yan Period can be viewed in the Myanmar Historic Period Showroom.

The visitors can study the articles such as made of pure solid gold and decorated with gems which were displayed in front of the throne to the left and right in customary order when the Kings of Myanmar gave audience to receive homage. in the Royal Regalia Showroom.

Myanmar Traditional Folk Art Showroom and Myanmar Performing Arts Showroom were in the second floor. Myanmar Art Gallery No.1 and No.2 were on the third floor where the copies of the drawings upon the walls of the 11.000-year-old Pyadalin cave. copies of the wall paintings from the thousand- year-old vault-based temples and stupas of the Bagan Period. reproductions of paintings of successive periods are exhibited.

Original works in oil and water colour of Myanmar great Artists can be viewed also. Buddha Images Showroom and Culture of National Races Showroom were on the 4th floor— 176 ancient Buddha Images of Pyu. Pinya. Innwa. Toungoo. Nyaung Yang and Konbaung in Hall 'A'. and Totem emblems and symbols of the clan-or lineage of the national races who live in cordial unity in the Union of Myanmar. musical instruments. art and craft articles. and weaponry are displayed.


Travel Tips

Opening Hours - 9:30 am to 5:00 pm daily. except Mondays and gazette holidays.
Admission Fees - US$ 5 per person
Location - Myanma Gems Enterprise No -66. Kaba Aye Pagoda Road. Mayangone Township. Yangon. Fax : 95 -1 - 665092 Tel: 95 -1 - 660365. 650487

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The Kabar Aye Pagoda is located nearby about 10 minutes walk.

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